Product Research

Once you’ve used this service our aim is that you’ll be more confident that you have the right financial product(s) for your current circumstances. Whether its income protection, life assurance or an investment product such as an ISA or personal pension we’ll aim to find you the right product for your circumstances at the time.

Also, some clients simply want to know that the products and policies they already have represent the best value of money and that they’re right for them at this stage of their life.

What We Do (Protection Products)

The first step is to determine exactly what you’re looking for. Then we’ll look at what you have in place already and whether it’s sufficient. If it is then no more research is required. If not (as is often the case) we’ll research the best options for you from across the whole marketplace.

This research is totally independent (using qualitative and quantitative research software) and will aim to provide you with the best solution.

We’ll then discuss the results of the research with you and leave the next decision to you. If you decide to go ahead and purchase a financial policy we’ll send the necessary paperwork to you (or meet with you).

You’ll need to complete this (we’ll complete as much of the paperwork for you as we can) and send it back to us within 14 days as the research is only valid for a limited period of time (if we receive the paperwork too late we may have to do all or part of the research again and this may incur an additional administration charge).

We’ll then process your application and chase any necessary paperwork on your behalf until the policy commences. If it’s a life assurance policy you may be required to attend a medical examination. This is paid for by the insurance company and they’ll let you know directly.

Once the plan is accepted you’ll receive your policy document from us in the post.

Note: Insurance that is based on an assessment of the health of the applicant is unlikely to cover the applicant for previous or existing medical conditions and the customer should refer to policy documentation and seek advice in order to understand what the policy does and does not cover before making an application.

To summarise, the Product Research service covers:

Family Protection

Designed to ensure your family has a degree of financial security if you die prematurely or suffer a critical illness. Typically this covers policies such as term life assurance, whole of life insurance and family income benefit plans.

Income Protection

Designed to pay a proportion of income if you can’t work due to illness, injury or accident (until you return to work, retire or until the end of the plan term). We will aim to dovetail our recommendations with any existing sickness benefits you would receive from the NHS, your employer or current policies.

Mortgage Protection

A life assurance policy is designed to pay a lump sum which may be used to repay a mortgage debt in the event of premature death. This policy could also offer cover in the event of diagnosis of a specified critical illness.

Critical illness Insurance

Designed to pay out if you are diagnosed with one of a number of critical illnesses specified in the policy (heart attack, stroke etc).

With all financial policies, it’s crucial to check the small print to ensure the plan covers you more than the insurance company.

What We Do (Investment Products)

If you’re looking for the best deal on any of the following, we should be able to help you:

  • Personal Pension Schemes
  • Individual Savings Accounts (excluding cash ISAs)
  • Investment Bonds

By utilising our expertise and technology, we’ll be able to find the most suitable product for your circumstances.

How We Charge

This service can be paid for by a fee (agreed in advance for all the work) or by commission paid to us by the product provider (protection products only). We can discuss the options with you before any work is done.

You can read more about our pricing structure here

To find out more about the Product Research service please click here to go to the enquiry form. We’ll reply to you within 24 hours.