On The Road & Being a Wiser Investor

My shoulder is ‘getting there’ after the skiing accident 3 months ago.

It does get sore now and then, but it’s not stopping me golfing and going to the gym!

SharpleySpeaking of which, we were the sponsors of the Newcastle & Northern Dental Surgeons Golf Society (NNDSGS) golf day at Sharpley Springs in Seaham, Co Durham recently.

It was a fantastic day with approximately 18 in the morning and 16 players for the pairs after lunch.

Yours truly even managed to come 2nd in the afternoon, largely in part to my playing partner (thanks Mr Gray!).


AlunReesThen last week I was at the BDA Conference in Manchester, which is always my favourite of the year.

It was great to catch up with friends, new and old, including the formidable Alun Rees.



LilyHeadMy thanks to Lily Head Practice Sales, who invited me onto their stand during the day as a ‘subject matter expert’ – if you’re looking to buy or sell a practice, then Lily and her team are definitely worth speaking to .




I have 2 investment resources to leave you with:

1. Warren Buffet on Investing

We all know who he is, but not everyone has listened to what he has to say. This is a 15-minute investing lesson everyone should watch: 2.42.30 to 2.54.50



Since 2002, S&P Dow Jones Indices have published the SPIVA Scorecards which are the scorekeepers of the active (i.e. high cost) versus passive (i.e. low cost index fund) debate.

They measure the performance of actively managed funds versus the benchmark index across the various asset classes and investing styles.

The evidence from the scorecards in the USA and in Europe is overwhelming and consistent with the findings of other independent studies. The results consistently show that professional fund managers underperform the index over the medium to long-term.

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About Ray Prince

My work passion is helping dentists and doctors strategically plan their financial futures in a totally impartial way (I work on a fee basis). Outside of work the best words that can describe me are: father, husband, keep fit enthusiast (running), family oriented, non-materialistic, enjoy new challenges, smiling, living by the coast :)