NHS Pension Contribution Rates 2013/14 – What Are They? – Hot Topics Q & A

Q. Can you please clarify what I will be asked to pay into the NHS Pension Scheme from April 2013 as I am aware that the contribution percentages are increasing for members?

A. Yes, you’re correct. You will need to pay more to be a member of the scheme. Whilst not great news, it’s still an excellent scheme that we believe offers fantastic value for money when faced with the alternatives.

Here is a table of the 2013/14 contribution rates, including the current year:

Full-time pay range (2012/13)          2012/13          2013/14

Up to £15,278                                    5.0%               5.0% 
£15,279 to £21,175                             5.0%               5.3%
£21,176 to £26,557                             6.5%               6.8%
£26,558 to £48,982                             8.0%               9.0%
£48,983 to £69,931                             8.9%               11.3%
£69,932 to £110,273                           9.9%               12.3%
Over £110,273                                   10.9%              13.3%

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