New Newsletter Format & BDA Conference ‘Take That’

Much has been happening here at Rutherford Wilkinson HQ since I last wrote.

Firstly, 2-3 months ago you may have seen an email from me asking you to answer a few questions regarding the formatting (and format)of this very newsletter.

Over 20% of Financial Tips readers completed this (thank you!) and the main feedback was that 2/3 of you would like to see it published in HTML (images, graphics etc).

Our web designer is currently busy creating a new graphics based template so we will be in touch over the next few weeks once we’re good to go.

The other main feedback was that you want us to cover investment ideas and retirement planning more than any other topics.

We’ll certainly bear this in mind as we’re researching topics in the future πŸ™‚

During May I attended the BDA Conference in Manchester.

I was there for the day (Friday) and it was great to see many old and new faces alike (I managed to meet quite a few Financial Tips readers).

Whilst the BDA annual event is never as big in terms of the number of exhibitors as some of the other events, they can certainly put on a good show and from what I heard the feedback from attendees was excellent.

This month has also been very busy in Prince HQ.

My daughter had a routine operation to remove an extra digit from her hand that she was born with. She then spent the next 3 weeks joyfully making as much noise as possible with the cast on her arm!

Thankfully the cast came off last week and all looks good πŸ™‚

And just this past weekend my wife and I went to see Take That (my Christmas present for her) at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland.

One of the main highlights for me was seeing the Pet Shop Boys, who were supporting them. They were one of my favourite bands in the ’80s so it was great seeing them perform.

Take That were great as well, especially when Robbie Williams appeared to perform 4 of his solo songs (including Angels).

And being a Sunderland supporter I’ve never seen so many happy faces at the Stadium of Light! Also, even though there was quite a few men there it made a nice change not having to queue for the toilet πŸ™‚

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About Ray Prince

My work passion is helping dentists and doctors strategically plan their financial futures in a totally impartial way (I work on a fee basis). Outside of work the best words that can describe me are: father, husband, keep fit enthusiast (running), family oriented, non-materialistic, enjoy new challenges, smiling, living by the coast :)