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Financial Planner March 2015 Page 1 | Page 2

In the March 2015 issue of Financial Planner, which is the official Magazine of the Institute of Financial Planning, Ray Prince tackled the case of a married couple who own a dental practice together and want to get their finances in good health in order to meet their aspirations for early retirement

Premium Practice Dentistry September 2013

Personal Pensions – I have invested diligently over many years in personal pensions and have consequently accrued funds worth around £300,000. As I am approaching retirement, I asked my financial adviser to find out what sort of pension I could expect.

Dental Tribune September 2012

Investing Your Capital – Your 10 Point Checklist.  Should you be in the fortunate position to be able to invest some of your income/capital for your future then there is a 10 point checklist you may want to refer to when making your investment decisions.

Premium Practice Dentistry September 2012

Paying For Advice – I’ve been thinking about using a financial adviser to help me with my retirement planning.  I’ve read a lot about whether one should pay the adviser via commission or fees.  Which payment option do you think would be best for me?

Financial Planner November 2011

In the November 2011 issue of Financial Planner journal Ray Prince’s piece was selected as Letter of the Month, where he encourages all financial advisers and planners to offer services that are not dependent upon clients purchasing new products or having to invest money

Premium Practice Dentistry May 2011

Should you invest your money into an ISA or Personal Pension to fund for your retirement? Ray Prince discusses the pros and cons of each.

Dentinal Tubules December 2010

What are the 10 key questions to ask yourself to maximise your financial life? You’ll need to register at the site (which is free) to read the full article.

North East Times November 2009

Rutherford Wilkinson has achieved Chartered Financial Planner status, one of a limited number of financial planning firms in the UK to achieve this.

Independent Practitioner Today November 2009

Why kill yourself investing in pensions that you don’t need? Some doctors need to invest further into their pensions, but Graeme Urwin explains why the vast majority he agrees to work with do not need to.  So why invest in your pension?

Dental Tribune 26th October 2009

Clearing Your Finances. Ray Prince highlights the 10 key questions you really need to ask yourself in order to better organise your financial life.

Dental Tribune 14th September 2009

Choosing an Adviser.  Is it possible to find a financial adviser that will work on your behalf, without being influenced by commission payments from product providers?

Journal 12th September 2009

Planning with the experts to meet life goals.  As Financial Planning week draws to a close, Tyneside Financial Adviser Graeme Urwin highlights his work with Durham Dentist Martin Burgess to show the importance of financial planning.

Dental Tribune 6th July 2009

Retirement income options.  In the second of this two-part series, Ray Prince sheds some light on annuity alternatives when it comes to generating money for your retirement.

Dental Tribune 24th May 2009

Retirement income options.  Whether or not you have reached retirement age, you’ll need to know what your options are to generate an income from the pension funds that you’ve built up.  In part one of of this two-part feature, Ray Prince discusses personal pension plans.

Dental Tribune 5th May 2009

More Pension or more cash?  With new NHS pension scheme rules in place, there are now different options available when it comes to how you receive your money when you retire.  Ray Prince explains.

Dental Tribune 20th April 2009

Associate Contracts.  If a self employed associate turns out to be employed, the situation can have tax and NI implications for the principal.  In the second article in the series, Tim Lee asks how this situation arises, and what the exact implications are for the Dental Principal.

Independent Practitioner Today April 2009

Investment Planning Part 2.  If your financial arrangements are anything like many other busy consultants, then it really is time to give your finances a good scrub-up.  In the second of two articles, Graeme Urwin shows how.

Independent Practitioner Today March 2009
Investment Planning: Part 1.  If your financial arrangements are anything like many other busy consultants, then it really is time to give your finances a good scrub-up.  In the first of two articles, Graeme Urwin shows how.

Dental Tribune 9th March 2009
Protect Your Pension.  Ray Prince says it’s important that you are doing all you can you can to maximise your pension position, to avoid a tax hit.

Dentistry 5th March 2009

Ray Prince provides The Top 10 Tips To Spring Clean Your Finances.

North East Times February 2009
The North East’s leading business magazine recently visited Rutherford Wilkinson’s offices and profiled the company in the February 2009 issue. The title was: The best is yet to come. In these tough times, it’s heartening to know that some companies are bucking the doom-and-gloom trend.

Dental Tribune 25th January 2009

If you’re approaching 60, you’ll be thinking about your retirement finances. Ray Prince looks at whether cashing it in is a good idea or whether it’s worth waiting a while.

Dental Tribune 29th September 2008

Fund Performance – the cost. If you’ve an ISA or pension, it’s likely the money’s invested in an ‘active’ fund. ‘Passive’ funds are the alternative and are usually cheaper. Confused? Ray Prince unravels the jargon.

North East Times September 2008

Personal Pension Plans – does the ‘best’ one really exist? Ray Prince looks at some of the issues that you should consider when planning towards your retirement.

Dental Tribune 20th July 2008

How you feel about taking risks will influence your choice of goals and objectives when it comes to investing, says Ray Prince.

Dental Tribune 22nd June 2008

People often ask whether a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is an appropriate package, says Ray Prince, who aims to unravel any confusion.

Dental Tribune 6th May 2008

Could investing in the stock market be risky, in light of the current ‘credit crunch’ situation? Ray Prince investigates.

Dental Tribune 6th April 2008

Don’t be fooled that there is such a thing as the ‘best’ pension plan. Retirement planning will be different for everybody, depending on your circumstances, says Ray Prince.

Dental Tribune 29th February 2008

If you have money invested in ISAs, PEPs and personal pensions (including SIPPS), do you really know who is managing your money? Financial Planner Ray Prince discusses some statistics.

Dental Tribune 6 December 2007

Recent falls in the value of the stockmarket has caused concern amongst some investors. Should they run or should they hang on? Ray Prince explains.

Dental Tribune 21 September 2007

Ray Prince looks at managing your exposure to investment risk and how to manage it effectively.

Dental Tribune 10 August 2007

Ray Prince asks whether ‘with profits’ investments should be part of an investment portfolio.

New Model Adviser 22 January 2007
One of the leading weekly financial publications, dedicated to professional Financial Planners. An in depth profile of Rutherford Wilkinson.

North East Times December 2006

The leading business magazine for the North East. This was written following our move to new offices in July 2006.

Private Dentistry March 2006

Ray Prince investigates the pension options available following Pensions ‘A Day’ in April 2006.

Preventive Dentistry Issue 2 2006

Ray Prince discusses the options available to protect your family in the event of premature death or illness.

The New Generalist Summer 2006
Graeme Urwin explores pension planning and the ‘A Day’ effect on part-time GPs.