Free 30 Minute Telephone Consultation

They say in life that there’s no ‘free lunch’.

Well, we beg to differ!

Whatever your pressing financial concerns or questions, contact us to schedule your free consultation.

And in case you’re wondering, no, there’s no catch and you’re not under any obligation to speak to us again.

The reason we’re offering this is to help as many Doctors and Dentists as we can. If, after speaking with us, you decide that you’d like to enquire about What We Offer, that’s fine. If you hang up and we don’t hear from you again, that’s ok too.

A word of warning though.

There’s only a limited number of consultations available at any one time so we can’t guarantee that one will be available.

Contact us now by completing the form below (please don’t call), entering ’30 Minute’ in the subject. We’ll respond within 24 hours.