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ray princeDear Doctor / Dentist

Hi, my name is Ray Prince and I work as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM Professional here at Rutherford Wilkinson Ltd.

No matter what stage of life or career you’re at, we can say one thing…

If you want to use the services of an expert to help you through the financial maze what you may find is that getting access to quality impartial financial advice is becoming harder and harder for many in the medical and dental professions.

In the past there’s traditionally been a few sources available, such as BMA Services, Medical Sickness Society (Wesleyan) and various (usually specialist) Independent Financial Advisers. Not to mention the banks and building societies that are always keen to promote and sell their own products to you.

Getting advice from a financial adviser usually involves making plans that will potentially affect your financial future for the rest of your life. It’s absolutely crucial that you make the right financial decisions, as mistakes (which you probably won’t realise you’ve made at the time) could cost you tens of thousands of pounds over time.

But how can you tell if you’ve been given the right advice?

Often there isn’t an easy way to tell.

Very early on in my financial services career I realised that the right financial solution for clients did not always require them to buy yet another financial policy. For example, for some the best solution was to overpay their mortgage rather than invest the money into stock market based funds. Or perhaps they just needed to update their Last Will and Testament.

I also realised this approach may be different, as not all these ‘new’ solutions paid a commission, but I did know that the solutions we were creating for our clients were in their best interests.

So, in the summer of 2005, I sat down with my colleague Graeme Urwin to discuss how we could share the same strategies that we recommend to clients to the thousands of doctors and dentists who are not our clients.

In the end we decided to use the power of the internet and launched the Financial Tips email Newsletter.

Since then, the newsletter has grown in popularity and hundreds of doctors and dentists now read each issue.

Of course, whilst the newsletter cannot give you the necessary accurate information you’ll need to take action on your own situation, it will give you many key ideas that could put you ahead in your financial life.

As much as we’d like everyone that visits our website to enquire about our services, realistically we know that’s not going to happen so the newsletter (and all the other information we regularly send to our readers) will also give you the opportunity to ‘check us out’ and to see if we are worthy of your trust.

Here’s some examples of the topics covered in previous issues of the free Financial Tips Newsletter:

  • Life assurance strategies for protecting your family
  • How to potentially mitigate Inheritance Tax with trusts and leave your wealth to your family
  • Making sure your income protection covers you (and not the insurance company)
  • How to plan for your retirement
  • Advanced tax planning using investment schemes
  • ‘Topping up’ your NHS Pension (and what not to do)
  • Effective retirement planning strategies for Private Dentists
  • Investing sensibly to fund your children through university
  • Why actively managed funds may be damaging your wealth
  • How to purchase the right type of annuity retirement income

But why should you listen to us?

Along with my colleague, Graeme Urwin, I head up the specialist financial planning division for doctors and dentists at Rutherford Wlikinson Ltd, a firm of Chartered Financial Planners based in Newcastle upon Tyne (we have clients all across the UK). The company has 45 staff, with a turnover approaching £3.5m per annum.

Collectively, Graeme and I have been working ‘in the trenches’ with doctors and dentists for over 45 years. Our main financial planning service is offered on a fee basis and we’re very focussed on providing our clients a totally impartial long term service.

Our overall aim is to help you achieve your financial and lifestyle objectives, not sell you another policy that you probably don’t need.

We passionately believe that you can make better financial decisions when you have more knowledge and information, and that’s exactly what the Financial Tips email newsletter aims to achieve. It’s written from a totally unbiased point of view and you’ll never find us recommending any specific investments or companies (you’d have to be a client for specific recommendations).

Published monthly via email (and about 5 minutes to read), we aim to give our readers the tips, techniques and strategies that will help put them ahead financially. Not only that, we’ll also send you specific time sensitive announcements from time to time, so that you can make decisions when information is current, not weeks or months old.


…if you’re tired of meeting with all different types of financial adviser…

…if you want to save time…

…and if you want to finally get yourself financially organised for your future…

…then this may be the most important newsletter you ever read!

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Best wishes,

ray prince

Ray Prince

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