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One of our beliefs in business is to help as many people as we can, even if many of those people do not enquire about our services. Even if you never call us to discuss your own situation, we want you to benefit as much as possible for investing your time at our website (and for trusting us with your email address if you decide to register for the Financial Tips email newsletter).

In this section you can find a lot of information to help you with all aspects of your financial planning.

Firstly, you can get hold of a complimentary copy of one our most popular guides ‘How To Avoid The 7 Most Common Retirement Planning Mistakes’. Click here for more details

The Financial Tips email newsletter was first published in 2006 and is read by hundreds of Medics and Dentists every 2 weeks. And as it’s written by Ray Prince and Graeme Urwin, the ideas and strategies are straight ‘from the coalface’. Register for your free copy here

The Published Articles section includes articles that we’ve written which have been published in Medical and Dental trade journals. There’s also a selection that have been written about us.

Next there’s 5 case studies where we share the results clients have achieved from working with us. The areas covered include Professional Financial Planning, Family Protection and Inheritance Tax.

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