Enjoy Yourself, Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think

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I was reading about England’s latest poor efforts to play football at the Euro 16 Tournament, when an email pinged in the inbox.

It was a client I have known now for 15 years informing me that Bill, her husband, had died. He had been ill for some time, and although he had fought on bravely, he finally succumbed.

He was only 71, but in my mind’s eye much younger, as I have a tendency to underestimate a client’s age when I update their financial plan every year.

I have just done this again for another client who I am seeing a later today.

My minds eye says 68 for this lady – actually it’s 75!

It could be I suppose that it’s simply that the saying ‘time flies’ is even more true as you get older?

After Badminton the other night, as I sipped a well earned pint after leaping around for an hour, I looked around the table at my fellow players.

I have known them all for 15 years or so, and still think of them at that age then. I broach the subject on our second pint and find that some are ‘on the pension’ and proud owners of their bus pass!

I hasten to add that there are also folk in their 30s and 40s playing, and overall it’s a good

This brings me back to Bill & Ann.

When I first met them they were retiring, and their aims were essentially:

  • Get organised
  • Sort out Wills & Lasting Power Attorney
  • Consolidate myriad investments and reduce risk and costs
  • Minimise tax
  • Get a plan together, which covered helping children
  • Not outliving their money

So their own financial map was built and it plotted their measured needs to their assets showing that they were in fine fettle.

The peace of mind that their own financial strategy brought together with regular updates
was very important to them.

This meant that not worrying about money meant they had some wonderful holidays, which included:

  • Travelling to see their children in Asia and Australia (several times)
  • Driving the motorhome around the UK & Europe
  • Playing a lot of golf, which they both loved

And isn’t this what it’s all about?

I see many financial articles about products this and investment that, and the human side
seems to disappear.

So planning for the future is very important, but living in the now perhaps even more so!

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About Graeme Urwin

My passion is to help senior doctors and dentists organise their finances to create their own strategy to achieve their goals in life. I do this impartially as I charge fees. Outside of work the words that best describe me are: family man, squash, badminton, jogging, travel, reading, archaeology, genealogy, writing a book on Robert the Bruce. I live in the hills of Northumberland in Rothbury and believe in living the life you love.