Lasting Power of Attorney – Can I Go The DIY Route?

Q. I have a Will as has my wife, but our adviser also recommends taking out Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for each other. Do we simply approach the same solicitor who set up our Wills or can we do them ourselves? A. It is good to hear that you have sorted out your Wills. An LPA is definitely […]

The 7 ‘Must Do’ Steps When Planning For The Worst

It’s sad that some people do die young, either through illness or via external factors such as an accident. Whilst you may not wish to think about premature death right now, I do think it’s a responsible person who leaves their affairs in an orderly manner as possible so that their next of kin, who […]

Last Will and Testament, Why Should You Bother?

Today I want to write on a topic that you may have either addressed recently or some years ago. Then again, you may not have even given it any thought whatsoever. So, have you made a Will? Let’s look at why this is such an important part of anyone’s financial plan. Not Having A Will […]

Inheritance Tax Planning – What About Pre-Inheritance?

We have all heard of surveys and reports about nearly or newly retired professionals stating with a smile on their face that they were going to ‘spend the kids’ inheritance’. Many dreams were being fulfilled, involving travel to exotic far flung places, cruising, buying a boat or a Harley Davidson motorbike – or whatever appealed. […]

Avoiding Inheritance Tax via Gifting (and how spouses or civil partners can use gifts to provide for each other on death and avoid disinheriting their children)

With significant inheritance tax benefits for gifts between spouses or civil partners, it makes financial sense for married couples to leave everything to each other on death. However, with the increase in second marriages and step-families, you could experience real tension between wanting to provide for your partner after their death and ensuring that you […]

Inheritance Tax & Personal Pensions – Hot Topics Q & A

Q. I am a married 51 year old surgeon, and have several large pension funds which have built up over many years, with a combined value of around £400k. I dont intend to cash in my pensions until age 60 plus, and have recently turned my attention to the subject of Inheritance Tax. Our estate […]

Dental Practice Sale – Options on Your Premature Death?

This week we have a guest article from specialist dental solicitor Edwin Ross. Edwin looks at a new twist for the sole practitioner – Who will get the practice if you die before retirement? Take it away Edwin… Are you a sole practitioner?  Have you ever considered what would happen to your practice in the […]

Last Will and Testament – The Perils of Dying ‘Intestate’

Not the most enlightening of subjects is it? And not one you’ll probably discuss often, with either friends or family. What’s that I hear you say? Dying. The good news is that I’m not going to take up the next few minutes of your life talking about how we might all eventually leave planet earth. […]

Inheritance Tax Planning – How Gifting Can Really Help – Hot Topics Q&A

Q. My brother and I am concerned about the Inheritance Tax situation regarding our mother. Her estate will be well in excess of £1.2 million, and although I am aware that she can now use our deceased fathers nil rate band allowance which helps, there will still be a tax bill of over £200k. She is now in […]

Lasting Power of Attorney – The Missing Link

As from 1st October 2007 the Mental Capacity Act 2005 came into force, affecting a large number of people, their families and advisers. In particular, one of the biggest impacts came with Lasting Powers of Attorney replacing Enduring Powers of Attorney. It is no longer possible to set up an Enduring Power of Attorney, although […]