NHS Pension Scheme – When Can I Take My Pension?

Q. As a Consultant doctor in my early 40s, with 20 years NHS Pension membership, the 2015 changes to the NHS pension scheme is of particular concern to me. Retiring, or reducing work at age 60 has always been the plan, and I cannot find any clear guidance here. For example will I be able to take my […]

Can You Get Your Income Tax Refunded? – The EISy Option

It’s only being human to feel that it would be great to be able to somehow get some of the considerable amounts of income tax we paid back to us. In the past, investors have been encouraged to fund more pensions because of the lure of getting tax relief and many doctors and dentists paying […]

NHS Pension – Annual Allowance & Lifetime Allowance, Your Action Plan

You’ve no doubt heard that the pensions Annual Allowance (AA) and Lifetime Allowance (LTA)limits are due to reduce in April 2014, in turn causing a headache or two for some NHS Pension Scheme members as well as those who have accrued pension funds elsewhere. Annual Allowance Firstly, it’s worth pointing out that you are able […]

NHS Pension Contribution Rates 2013/14 – What Are They? – Hot Topics Q & A

Q. Can you please clarify what I will be asked to pay into the NHS Pension Scheme from April 2013 as I am aware that the contribution percentages are increasing for members? A. Yes, you’re correct. You will need to pay more to be a member of the scheme. Whilst not great news, it’s still an excellent […]

NHS Pension Changes 2015 – Proposed Final Agreement

On March 9th the Department of Health released a Proposed Final Agreement document for the NHS Pension Scheme following many months of debate. Basically, it’s the governments final offer on what the NHS pension scheme will look like after 1 April 2015. The headline contents haven’t changed at all since the previous iteration of December […]

NHS Pension Early Retirement, How Will It Be Reduced?

Q. With all the recent announcements regarding proposed changes to the NHS Pension Scheme, I have heard that the actuarial reduction percentages have changed for members that are looking to take benefits prior to normal retirement date. Can you please clarify the position? A. The good news is that the percentage reductions have reduced slightly. As […]

NHS Life Insurance – Even When You Retire! – Hot Topics Q & A

Q. I am a 58 year old Consultant who had a family quite late.  As a result we have 3 children either doing A levels or at University. We plan to pay all their course and living expenses and were wondering about taking out a life policy on my life for, say, the next 7 years ‘just […]

Using Trusted Financial Advisers And Getting Organised

Have you ever decided to clear out the garage or box room that is full of junk that has gathered over the years? It’s a great feeling when all the hard work pays off and you suddenly find you could actually fit the car back into the garage, or have a new room in the […]

Annual Allowance Pension Changes – ‘Carry Forward’ – Hot Topics Q & A

Q. It seems that NHS / Private dentists can easily fall foul of the new annual pension allowance. It is interesting to know that if the £50,000 annual limit is breached we can use up unused allowance from the previous 3 years. In the light of this, can you please advise if we can use […]

Planning Your Goals & Big NHS Pension Changes

Recently we’ve touched on the subject of happiness, and what is needed to be happy, click here. We’ve also mentioned the fact that, generally, people can start to really think about living the life they love and want if they are financially secure, and feel in control of their lives. After all, it’s difficult to […]