Your Financial Legacy, What Does It Look Like (Part 2)?

In part 1 we looked at: Life Assurance Basics Deciding How Much Cover You Need Onto Part 2! 3. Selecting The Right Type of Plan As there are various types of protection products, it’s important to do your homework to increase your chances of buying the right policy(ies). Term Life Assurance This is the simplest form […]

Dentists’ Provident Society Income Protection – Is It Worth It? – Hot Topics Q & A

Q. I am a dentist in my early 50s, still working very hard with commitments until age 60. I have just received my Dentists’ Provident Society (DPS) income protection renewal notice showing a much increased premium, and this has prompted me to question whether I should keep this policy on, especially as I have never claimed. What is your […]

Your Financial Legacy, What Does It Look Like (Part 1)?

Just thinking about premature death can be a morbid thought, but making sure you have the right amount of life assurance is crucial. It’s all very well building assets and wealth through investments and savings plans, but if this is all undermined by an unforeseen event (such as death) and your family then have to […]

The EU Gender Directive 2012 – How Will You Be Affected?

Not exactly an exciting start to an article with a title like that, I’m sure you’ll agree! But this is about to be implemented by all insurance companies in December and will affect pretty much everyone with particular emphasis perhaps on females. So what is it all about? Well, back in 2007, the Gender Directive […]

Critical Illness Claim Statistics 2011 – Do You Have Sufficient Cover?

Today, we are more acutely aware of critical illnesses and their impact it has on loved ones. Many of us have suffered the heartache of a loved one suffering a critical illness and the tough times that it brings with it. An issue that we also sometimes appear to be less aware of is ensuring […]

Critical Illness Cover – How To Choose The Right Cover – Hot Topics Q & A

Q. I intend to purchase some critical illness cover, however I have to admit that I’m finding it difficult to decide which factors are the most important when deciding between all of the policies available. Also, whilst I have looked at the policies from some of the main providers, how can I find out which other policies are […]

Practice Expenses Cover, The Key Points – Hot Topics Q & A

Q. I was speaking with a fellow Principal dentist recently and she mentioned that she has ‘practice expenses cover’. Can you please tell me more and whether I should consider it? A. A long absence from work after an illness or an accident could hit your practice hard, particularly if you are one of the main income generators. Your income […]

Income Protection For Dentists – How To Choose The Right Policy

All dentists have a number of important decisions to make when planning their financial future, such as:             Should I invest more into pensions? What is the best mortgage available? I’ve sold the practice – what do I do with the realised capital? Unfortunately, some dentists forget to put in place […]

Critical Illness Insurance – Latest Claim Statistics

I attended a seminar this week on the subject of ‘behavioural finance’ at The Baltic in Newcastle. Whilst the subject that the very accomplished American speaker covered was very relevant for all investors, it was a personal story that he shared which I remembered the most afterwards. He told the audience how the death of […]

Dentists’ Provident Society Income Protection Claim Statistics 2009

The 2009 claim statistics for Dentists’ Provident Society’s income protection are available and make useful reading for all dentists. If you are a dentist, it’s likely that you’ve taken out income protection insurance (also referred to as permanent health insurance). In fact, you may have even claimed on your policy. During the last few years […]