Enjoy Yourself, Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think

I was reading about England’s latest poor efforts to play football at the Euro 16 Tournament, when an email pinged in the inbox. It was a client I have known now for 15 years informing me that Bill, her husband, had died. He had been ill for some time, and although he had fought on […]

Sad Passing of My TV Friends

I was born at the end of the 50s and was very fortunate in many ways to grow up in the 60s & 70s. I’ve benefited from the incredible progress in technology, and take for granted things like jet travel, dish washers, washing machines and dryers, as well as cars that do not need an […]

On The Road & Being a Wiser Investor

My shoulder is ‘getting there’ after the skiing accident 3 months ago. It does get sore now and then, but it’s not stopping me golfing and going to the gym! Speaking of which, we were the sponsors of the Newcastle & Northern Dental Surgeons Golf Society (NNDSGS) golf day at Sharpley Springs in Seaham, Co […]

Early Retirement & Home In A Sling (!)

It’s been a very busy ‘Q1’. On the work front, one of the new clients that we’ve started to work with is a dentist and his wife and we’re going to be able to make a measurable impact to how they manage their affairs in the future, including: We’ve been able to demonstrate that they […]

Sponsorship & Dickie Bows

When you are offering a service to dentists & doctors, it takes you into the world of marketing. If people don’t know you and what you offer, how do you grow your business and help folk? Soes advertising work? What about Seminars? A good website? Publishing a retirement guide? Referrals are an excellent source of […]

2016 Goals & Tuxedos At The Ready!

As we head into 2016, do you ever write down your annual goals? Or even your longer term ones? I used to do this with my wife every year (we’d do individual ones) and, as we sat down last week to do it again, we realised that we last did it in 2012! Oh the […]

Doopy Do, Doopy Do ……….

Hands up those who love to laugh until the ribs hurt? I would imagine there is a good show of hands?! I only have to hear the iconic Dance of the Cuckoos (Doopy Do, Doopy Do…) that was the Theme Song for Laurel & Hardy and I have a smile on my face. Watching some […]

Where’s The 19th? CFPs & Dealing With Tax

The Summer hols are a distant memory now as we head into Autumn. How was yours? I took a bit of time off during August and also had a week away in Notts / Derbyshire – 3 days Glamping (which was fantastic!) and 4 days in a lodge in the Peak District. Just a few […]

Trust, Tennis & Passing On

Whilst writing the main article for this issue, I popped out to the bank to do a few jobs. I got chatting to one of the tellers who I’ve got to know over the years, as she knows that I do ‘financial advice stuff’. She had asked an adviser to comment on her own personal […]

36 Holes, ‘Posh’ Camping & Saving The Date

At least we’ve seen some prolonged sunshine as well as warmth (even ‘up north’!). I think it’s fair to say that some of us were wondering whether summer would ever arrive… Rutherford Wilkinson were sponsors of the Newcastle and Northern Dental Surgeons Golf Society at Matfen Hall Golf Club at the end of June, and […]