New Tax Free Savings Allowance, How Does It Work?

Q. I have heard that the government have introduced a new non-taxable allowance for savers in cash deposit accounts. As we have large cash savings how will this help us? A. This was announced a year in advance last March, and takes effect this April. At the moment savings are taxed at either 20% or 40% depending on […]

Budget 2015 – Good News For Savers? – Hot Topics Q & A

Q. The Budget sounded good for savers, can you summarise the main points please? A. Yes, there were many positives, including: Savers will be able to withdraw money from their cash ISA and replace it in the same tax year without it counting towards their annual ISA subscription limit for that year. The change will be introduced from autumn […]

Dementia – How Will Your Family Cope Financially?

At the last count there were around 800,000 individuals in the UK suffering from dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Society. That’s a huge number and, thanks to medical advances, better nutrition and a more health-conscious population in general, ironically it’s set to get even higher as more of us live longer. Chances are you and […]

The 7 ‘Must Do’ Steps When Planning For The Worst

It’s sad that some people do die young, either through illness or via external factors such as an accident. Whilst you may not wish to think about premature death right now, I do think it’s a responsible person who leaves their affairs in an orderly manner as possible so that their next of kin, who […]

Budgeting Your Way To An Easier Financial Life

The dreaded ‘B’ word, you may be thinking… Here we go, I’m going to be lectured about saving my pennies and not buying the odd coffee here and there. Not at all! Let me explain. ‘How To Budget’ has 1.2bn results on Google, so it’s certainly a topic that many people are thinking about and […]

Child Benefit – Should You Opt Out?

It is estimated that only around 200,000 people have opted out of receiving child benefit since the government announced the new rules. This probably leaves around one million people who are very likely to be hit by the ‘high income child benefit charge’. As the vast majority of our clients earn well in excess of […]

The UK High Street Banks – Are Olympic Standards Possible?

Wow! They were incredible events weren’t they?! The Olympics & Paralympics proved to be absolutely outstanding, surpassing the expectations of even the most enthusiastic supporter of these events. Listening to people on TV & radio, and chatting to friends, all talk was about the bravery, sheer excellence and wonderful spirit amongst the athletes. The helpers […]

Inflation & Your Money – What Is Its Real Value?

We held a Retirement Seminar for dentists at our office recently. This being part of an ongoing series of educational talks and workshops to several groups of dentists in the north, and which also takes us to North Wales next year. It was good to see familiar faces in attendance, as well as new, with […]

Gifting To Children – A Helping Hand Now Not Later? – Hot Topics Q & A

Q. I keep reading articles about people gifting money to their children. The thing that struck me was that it seems to be far more common to gift money even though the donor may only be in their 50s or 60s. Is this a trend that you are noticing?   A. Yes it most definitely is […]

Dentists’ Provident Society Income Protection Claim Statistics 2007

A post by Ray Prince, Certified Financial Planner Ray Prince has worked as a Financial Planner since 1994 and specialises advising medics and dentists throughout the UK. His passion is working with and helping clients who want an unbiased view as to how they can achieve their lifestyle and financial goals and objectives. To find […]