Practice Overheads Insurance – Is It Worth It? – Hot Topics Q & A

Q. I’ve been advised to consider practice overheads insurance. Is it worth it? A. Dental practices and businesses such as accountants and solicitors (and others who work on a fee basis) are exposed to expense, turmoil and risk when it comes to absence of their key people. It can take a long time to build up a loyal client-base and […]

The EU Gender Directive 2012 – How Will You Be Affected?

Not exactly an exciting start to an article with a title like that, I’m sure you’ll agree! But this is about to be implemented by all insurance companies in December and will affect pretty much everyone with particular emphasis perhaps on females. So what is it all about? Well, back in 2007, the Gender Directive […]

The UK High Street Banks – Are Olympic Standards Possible?

Wow! They were incredible events weren’t they?! The Olympics & Paralympics proved to be absolutely outstanding, surpassing the expectations of even the most enthusiastic supporter of these events. Listening to people on TV & radio, and chatting to friends, all talk was about the bravery, sheer excellence and wonderful spirit amongst the athletes. The helpers […]

Independent Financial Advice – Can A Bank Really Provide It?

As we read a lot of articles every week on a wide variety of subjects, a very common one that keeps on coming up is the appalling reputation of the banks. Time after time we read of the banks’ sales people selling products that are totally unsuitable to unsuspecting customers. Which? Magazine has recently carried […]

Retail Investment Managers – Are They Worth It?

Regular readers will know that after extensive research and much experience, we favour passive investments. That is to say that our clients will accept the level of return that fits their appetite for risk over the long term. In addition, we can access institutional funds instead of retail funds and reduce costs which result in […]

Getting Financial Advice – Your Options Explained

This post is a biggie, but I guarantee it’ll be worth a few minutes of your time.  If you’re looking for help with your financial planning decisions, there are a number of resources you can turn to:  the internet / media friends and family your own knowledge Ideally, it’s likely that you’ll want impartial information […]

Critical Illness Cover – Is It Worth It? – Hot Topics Q&A

Q. I’m thinking about applying for some critical illness cover. I’m in two minds about it as I have life assurance and income protection. I see that most plans cover a number of conditions. What figures are available for the claims paid out for these companies? I want to know that they actually honour their commitments […]

Payment Protection Insurance Profiteering – Hot Topics Q & A

Q. I know that this subject may not be part of your world, but am I right in thinking that a major High Street Bank has been fined over £1 million for selling something called PPI?            For the full story, click here Perhaps the £1 million fine is very affordable! In researching […]

Critical Illness Cover – Insuring The Children

It’s not a subject any of us like to dwell upon, but cancer is a fact of modern life. The good news is that advances in treatment and medication mean that cancer is not the automatic death sentence it once was. Sometimes an even harder subject to comtemplate is children contracting cancer. The number of […]

The Worst Ten Financial Products Part 2

In a recent post we discussed the first 5 (we know there’s more than 10 but had to stop somewhere) of this article by Neil Faulkner of The Motley Fool. Last week’s post: Here’s 6 to 10… 6. Extended Warranties Extended warranties are a form of insurance that enables you to return goods that develop […]