Enjoy Yourself, Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think

I was reading about England’s latest poor efforts to play football at the Euro 16 Tournament, when an email pinged in the inbox. It was a client I have known now for 15 years informing me that Bill, her husband, had died. He had been ill for some time, and although he had fought on […]

Sad Passing of My TV Friends

I was born at the end of the 50s and was very fortunate in many ways to grow up in the 60s & 70s. I’ve benefited from the incredible progress in technology, and take for granted things like jet travel, dish washers, washing machines and dryers, as well as cars that do not need an […]

How Can I Reduce My Tax Bill?

Q. As a high earning dentist, I pay large amounts of income tax. I get it that this goes with the territory, but I want to explore schemes which can help reduce my tax bill. What advice would you give? A. You are of course not alone in wanting to minimise the amount of tax you pay. […]

On The Road & Being a Wiser Investor

My shoulder is ‘getting there’ after the skiing accident 3 months ago. It does get sore now and then, but it’s not stopping me golfing and going to the gym! Speaking of which, we were the sponsors of the Newcastle & Northern Dental Surgeons Golf Society (NNDSGS) golf day at Sharpley Springs in Seaham, Co […]

Important Inheritance Tax Changes & You

Last year we wrote an article on Inheritance Tax (IHT) and how you could mitigate this by using joint life cover payable on second death. This was only a year ago, and already there have been major rule changes announced that can have a major effect on how much your family may have to pay […]

Early Retirement & Home In A Sling (!)

It’s been a very busy ‘Q1’. On the work front, one of the new clients that we’ve started to work with is a dentist and his wife and we’re going to be able to make a measurable impact to how they manage their affairs in the future, including: We’ve been able to demonstrate that they […]

Pensions Tapered Annual Allowance – How Does It Work?

Q. For the last 3 years I have exceeded the pensions annual allowance of £50,000 / £40,000 due to being a member of the NHS Pension scheme, resulting in additional tax to pay. I’m concerned about the new Tapered Annual Allowance which will be effective from the 2016/17 tax year. Can you explain how it works?  A. […]

Sponsorship & Dickie Bows

When you are offering a service to dentists & doctors, it takes you into the world of marketing. If people don’t know you and what you offer, how do you grow your business and help folk? Soes advertising work? What about Seminars? A good website? Publishing a retirement guide? Referrals are an excellent source of […]

New Tax Free Savings Allowance, How Does It Work?

Q. I have heard that the government have introduced a new non-taxable allowance for savers in cash deposit accounts. As we have large cash savings how will this help us? A. This was announced a year in advance last March, and takes effect this April. At the moment savings are taxed at either 20% or 40% depending on […]

Buy To Let – Is It Still Worth It?

You may have noticed that Chancellor George has been very busy lately on his mission to raise taxes. The obvious one for our clients in the NHS Pension Scheme has been the lowering of the limit on the Lifetime Allowance (LTA). It has reduced from £1.8m in 2006 to £1m this April! This means that […]