Angus Walls Testimonial

My name is Angus Walls, I live in Hexham in Northumberland.  I am a Clinical Academic working in the Dental School in Newcastle University.

I have known Graeme Urwin, who is now working with Rutherford Wilkinson, for many years.  He started acting as a Financial Adviser to me when I was an SHO and in his more recent role at Rutherford Wilkinson I have been very impressed with the quality of service he provides.  My experience of working with Rutherford Wilkinson is that they started off with a very thorough, helpful and unbiased review of my finances.

As far as I am concerned one of the most important features of their service is that they are not employed or in the payoff of any particular financial company, they are a completely independent organisation which simply go through your finances and try to work out what is best for you in the first instance.