Our Story

As we’re all on our individual journeys through life, you may be interested to hear about what drives us and why we do what we do (and in the way that we do it).

Many years ago we provided what could be termed as your typical IFA service. That is, our core client proposition was to research products and set them up for clients.

Whilst this function is still important, we knew that something major was missing.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long to find the missing link  🙂

We spoke with many clients and conducted research into what they valued the most. Interestingly, the setting up of products (which is what we were doing predominantly) was way down the list of their priorities.

This totally resonated with us and confirmed what we’d been thinking for a while.

Some of the responses were:

–      I want to know how much I need to invest for my retirement

–      I want to know how and where to invest my money

–      I want to get better financially organized

–      I want to improve my work / life balance

Armed with this information, we set about redesigning what we were doing for clients with the aim of ending up with a core set of services that clients would place a great deal of value upon.

The result is the services that are covered here.

We also discovered that many clients wanted to pay for our services on a fee basis, rather than us being paid via commission from product providers.

Our thinking now is that in order for anyone to get a truly impartial financial planning service free from bias of any kind, a fee has to be paid by the client. If not, and the ‘old’ way of working on a commission basis is used, how can you, the client, be 100% confident that what you’re being advised is in your best interests?

After all, if the best strategy is for you to repay debt can you be absolutely confident that the commission-based adviser will point you in that direction? (they won’t be paid as no commission can be generated through the repayment of debt).

By paying a fee the adviser would be paid regardless of the outcome, which is one of the keys to impartiality (integrity, honesty and the commitment to do the right thing are equally as important).

The current advisory landscape is that many financial services providers are set up to do one thing – sell products. Whether their customers / clients achieve their goals in life (they probably won’t know what they are) is often the furthest thing from their minds.

Fortunately, there is a growing band of fee based Financial Planners who offer the sort of services that their clients want and are only too happy to pay for.

And we’re not standing still.

What we’ve learned is that the community of fee based advisers are constantly looking for ways in which to evolve and improve what they’re doing for clients.

We’re proud to be part of that community and it’s a great comfort knowing that we’re surrounded by like minded people who can help us get better, which in turn will help us serve our clients better.

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