How We Work


When you’re looking for a financial adviser there are a lot to choose from. What makes us different from other financial advisers is that we work with our clients to help them achieve their life goals and objectives and we’re not just interested in selling a financial policy to them (which is why many clients have decided to work with us).

Up until 2012, Traditional Financial Advisers sometimes sold policies and earned commission from the product providers. This is the product led approach. (Note that since 2012 it has not been possible for providers to pay commission to advisers, except for certain protection products, instead advisers agree a fee with the client, which is taken from the product or paid by the client directly).

Fee Based Financial Planners follow a process to help the client get to where they are trying to get to and is objective led. It’s all about aiming to achieve real results for you.

By using this approach our advice is not only independent, but also impartial, which means we are able to design strategies for clients free from the influence of product providers.

And as it is a financial planning service, the impartiality of the advice is guaranteed as clients pay us for our expertise, not for setting up new policies (please note we also have a policy transaction service to enable clients to purchase the correct protection policies. We will liaise with the client whether they wish to pay us via commission (which is still available for protection products) from the product provider or alternatively the client can pay us a fee, assuming of course that a policy(ies) is required.

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